Bookshelves: Functional & Decorative.

One of our living room bookshelves.

Yes, it’s true bookshelves can and (I say) should be both functional and decorative! I know, I know, we often assume that every last inch of space on our bookshelves must be utilized for the sole purpose of holding our houses books, but I beg to differ. While, yes this is the main function of bookshelves (holding our books) we do not have to keep it at just books, (ok now…just take a moment to let this breakthrough sink in). Adding just a few simple accessories and /or arranging the books on your shelf in a few different ways can make all the difference!

Now, let me clarify that I am in no way discouraging the use of bookshelves for holding your families books, my husband is a huge reader, he loves books and he loves having them displayed in our home, ready for use at anytime. I think this is precisely why I want to spread the word about “multi-functioning” bookshelves, because while I loves books as well, I also love decorating our home and keeping things neat (as you all know by now). So when we got married I knew I had to compromise both my husbands request that our books be out on display and my request that our home be warm, homey, and organized. Thus bringing me to this conclusion:

Emma's nursery bookshelf.

Arranging books on your bookshelves in a functional yet decorative way actually encourages interest in the books you have, so don’t take up every nook and cranny of your bookshelf just cramming books in for storage, keep them usable and interesting by making your bookshelves a decorative addition to your home and not just simply a functional aspect of it.

You just watch, your books will become even more intriguing when they look like a piece of art displayed right there on your bookshelf in your home, try it!


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