Eric & Emma’s Daddy Daughter Day.

Eric & Emma :)

This past Saturday I had a planning meeting for a Women’s Retreat that I help plan every year (more info on this later for sure, for now just know it’s gonna be great again this year ladies, you don’t want to miss out!). This meant that Eric would be taking care of Emma all day without me, this was a first. May I remind you that this includes changing Emma’s diapers, something Eric generally tries to stay away from. So, as requested by my husband, I wrote a list out to give him a general idea of Emma’s day and how things might go while I was away.

The day went wonderfully, of course, I had no doubts! Eric is the most wonderful dad and he enjoys our little girl so much, they had a great time! It was also nice that Eric had some company for the day, our brother-in-law, Jackson (our nephew who is almost 1 year old), and my dad (my mom and sisters also help plan the retreat, so all the ladies were at the meeting, while all the men stayed with the babies, cute right?!). They played basketball, played on the swings with the babies, let little Jackson push Emma in the stroller, sang silly songs to the babies to keep them entertained…all the while sending us women videos and pictures on our phones (which we loved watching!). And generally things went smooth….Emma did only have two diaper changes the entire day (wowie was her diaper full when I got home!) and was in her pj’s until about 4PM but hey no big deal.

Emma's "schedule" for Eric (some notes added & things checked off as they went).

The day was a huge success overall thanks to our wonderful husbands (and dad) who took such great care of our babies! Thanks guys! I am so thankful that God has given me a husband who is also such an amazing father to our little girl, such an indescribable blessing and joy to my heart.


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