Our Other Picture Wall for Further Inspiration.

So word on the street (according to the latest comments from you readers of my blog) is that a lot of you have good intentions and plans to make your own family picture wall, yay! I thought I would provide a few more bits of inspiration for you just in case some of you are considering making your family picture wall a little weekend project.

First off, there is a picture of the other picture wall in our home (although not as much of a “centerpiece” as the other one from Wednesday’s Post).

I’ve also included some pictures (from Pottery Barn of course, a place I get lots of design inspiration from myself….and then often mimic it with much less expensive pieces ;)) of a few other fun ideas/ways to display your family photos.

Last but not least I included a few links for some sets of 10 frames (at a seriously great $27 price!) I found on Amazon to make getting started a little easier!
10 Wood Frames in a Box Set, Black
10 pc Silvertone Frame Box Set
Linear Wood 10-pc. Frame Set – Walnut

Happy picture walling everyone, what a fun family weekend right?! And if you do make your picture wall let me know and take pictures of it!


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One response to “Our Other Picture Wall for Further Inspiration.

  1. I love the picture wall. I have started one in our family room and I just may do another wall in that same room like one of the pottery barn pics. I really liked them. I love the one you have in your house too.

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