A Favorite: My Iron.

The best iron ever!

So….yesterday I had some major ironing to do for some of Eric’s nice collared shirts (which he wears much more often now that he’s in Seminary). I then decided (as I decide every single time I use this iron)…”I have the best iron ever made.” I received this iron as a wedding present (almost three years ago now) and had no idea what a wonderful home staple this was going to become for us.

Not only is it pink (my favorite color) but it steams while ironing and just the perfect amount (not that kind that spills water all over your clothes and just calls that “steaming” you know). It really irons so professionally and so quickly, that I think this company has got me hooked on their irons for life now. It almost makes ironing kinda fun sometimes.

So here ya go everyone! Just thought you all might want to share in this ironing fun (and no you don’t have to get the pink one). Here’s the link:

Rowenta DX1700 Effective Iron


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