Our Picture Wall.

Isn’t it a great feeling when people walk into your home and smile and say how cute and nice it all is and you can just tell they feel so comfortable and homey there? Seriously, I just love seeing that our home is a comfortable place for people to enjoy being in, makes me smile. The place in our home that consistently receives the most comments….our picture wall.

My dad started a picture wall in our home growing up when I was in fourth grade, so to me this idea is somewhat natural and like “what? you mean everyone doesn’t have one of these in their home?” When Eric first saw the picture wall in my parent’s house he let me know that one day when we were married and had our own place, we were going to have a picture wall too. And true to his word, our home has never been without one.

Emma showing off our current picture wall.

Nearly every time people come over they stop and stare at our picture wall for a few minutes. Then many ask about the pictures, where we took them, when we took them and “ta-da” we instantly have conversation starters just there hanging on our wall. It’s fun because our guests can get to know our family a little better through these pictures (and the short stories that often accompany them). Plus, we get to enjoy family memories everyday just by looking at our wall, we love it.

So, start a picture wall, it does not have to be expensive. In fact, I bet you could take a quick HomeGoods, Target, Ikea or Wal-Mart trip and do it for under $50.00 (pictures included – order them online from Target or Wal-Mart). I am not even kidding just start out with a small wall it’ll build up faster than you think! Thrift stores are also great places to find inexpensive frames, then just paint them black (or whatever color frames you choose). The fun part is you can arrange it however you like, it is such a fun project to do together!

AND yes you better believe it helps keep things more organized. When you have these photos hanging on the wall, you can clear away the other pictures you may have lying around or old frames that you don’t really like but want to save the picture.  You can either paint the frame to be added to the picture wall or transfer the photo to a new picture wall frame. See…organization always at work here!



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3 responses to “Our Picture Wall.

  1. Jessica B.

    I’ve always wanted to do this. I’ve been finding that my roommate and I have more pictures than room to put frames so my new project is to put everything up on the wall. I love using Wal-mart to print pictures because it is so inexpensive. Plus, you can’t beat $3 picture frames. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Jennifer Dickson

    I’ve started our collection! I just haven’t put them up yet in our new home, mostly because I’m procrastinating, but also because I want to get a few more pictures put together first :)

    Hey so I know this is a late response, so feel free to answer whenever…
    I didn’t post a comment on your “ask ashley” post, but for the next time:
    I was wondering how you go about doing the normal “regular” house hold cleaning (aka, floors, blinds, bathroom, etc.) Do you have a “schedule” such as, floors on monday, dusting on tuesday, etc? Or one room per day? Or do you have 1 day a week where you clean the whole house like a mad-woman?? :) Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

    Thanks Ashley, your blog is so much fun! And helpful, I’ve been telling Aaron about your great ideas (we are implementing the desk/office organization hopefully with a shelf and some file boxes for the bills! I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I can hopefully convince him to let me buy a shredder! he he) We have loved the recent videos you’ve put up of Emma too! We can’t wait to get together this summer!

    • Hi! So glad you enjoy the blog, how fun that you are setting up a nice office organization for the bills, makes it all so much nicer and less overwhelming, take pics when its all done I wanna see!!!! Hope the move went well for all of you, its crazy moving with a little baby I know! We can’t wait to meet your little Analynne this summer either, it is gonna be soooo much fun all getting together! No worries about the late question, I’ll try to answer it in a post in the next couple weeks (we have been so busy this month that my cleaning kinda “schedule” has gotten a little thrown off)!

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