What to Keep and What to Clear.

Thank you for the questions everybody! As you can see in the comments under The First Ever: Ask Ashley I have already answered one question which was asked by none other than my lovely husband, who appreciates my organizing very much but admits to not being the most organized himself, it equals out for a great balance, what a cutie I married! As for the other questions, I have decided to answer them one at a time, to keep this as helpful as possible. This means, this week you are all in for some serious organizing action, get ready!

Okay goodness gracious enough babbling we have some work to do…onto the next question, here it is:

Question #2: When you know you have too much, how do you know what to get rid of and what to keep?

A very very popular question in the world of organizing, good one. So I’m gonna keep this answer short and sweet (kinda) in order to emphasize to all of you how the “throw away” decision can soon become surprisingly simple.

When you know you have to much, be merciless in throwing things away! Seriously, we all get way to attached to the silliest things. So excuse me for a moment here while I can be extremely pushy in making people throw things away, I can get a teensy bit outta control here, but its for a good cause people!

Anyway….just a few quick helpful guidelines for some of the major Clutter-Causing Culprits:

  • Clothes – if you haven’t worn it in the past 6 months to a year (exception for super fancy clothes) you should get rid of it. I am currently working on my own closet and giving myself constant “just throw it away” scoldings! :)
  • Paperwork – I limit our homes paperwork/files to one drawer in our desk. This forces me to get rid of any unnecessary paper that tends to easily hide away in our file drawer. So, keep limits on your paperwork space and be a stickler about staying in those limits and you will soon find you are a “throwing-away-paper machine”, it’s a great feeling! Quick sidenote: I have a friend who has offered to write a guest blog on filing, keep your eyes peeled for this one coming soon!
  • Memories – in our home I have one box for my childhood memories, one for Eric’s and then one for our special notes and things from our 3 1/2 years of dating before we got married (we still date now too, click here for more on that). I mean let’s face it you really don’t look through your memories that often and you are much more likely to enjoy them when they are no longer just a big blob of a mess in your garage, basement….you get the idea. Limit it people! One last thing here, I read a great idea once about taking a picture of some things that are fond memories and framing them (in a very tasteful way of course) then donating it. This way you still have the picture and the stories to share about it without having to cram it away in extra space you don’t actually have in your home (I know, great isn’t it?)!
  • To read a little bit more on guidelines for sorting through the items in your home click here.

These are all helpful guidelines (sorry if they seem a bit harsh, but its the only way to clear the clutter sometimes), if you need specific ideas as you begin working on your own home, let me know!



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2 responses to “What to Keep and What to Clear.

  1. Barb

    One thing that helps keep our closets purged is to share the discarded clothing with Hope Again ministry in Hollywood (or other homeless shelter/clothes closets). It blesses others & keeps our closets under control. Living light is so freeing. Garage sale is good, but it’s also a lot of work.

  2. Lorena

    Thanks Ashley! This gave me some good ideas on what I can do to help reduce the clutter. Now, I just have to pick a corner and begin! lol Thanks a ton. You’re a blessing!

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