A New Favorite of Emma’s.

Looking out the window!

Well….I told you I would keep you updated as Emma’s favorites continue to change and grow.

So, here is Emma’s newest favorite thing: Looking out the car window.

And here is how we came to this recent discovery:

Adoring look for daddy!

Emma has always been a pretty good little traveler in the car. However, as she has gotten older she has slowly become more and more frustrated over the fact that all she can see is the back of the seat while riding in the car. Thankfully, over this past weekend a breakthrough discovery was made!

Looking at Mommy!

On our drive up to the mountains Emma’s little carseat canopy-cover thing (I really don’t know what they’re called I just realized while writing this, hah!) was in a position that made it possible for her to look to the side and see out the windows.

She was so fascinated by everything moving by the car, I thought she was asleep till I looked back and saw her, completely mesmerized by all the things passing by(as seen in the first pic of this post). She then stayed pretty silent for most of the drive, eventually falling asleep from all the excitement of watching the world go by her windows! She also enjoys being able to see Mommy and Daddy in the car, we often look back to see her looking over her shoulder at us, as seen here in the pictures, we love it!

A new forever favorite pic of mine!

We now try to keep Emma’s carseat canopy out of her view of the windows (unless of course that would mean the sun gets in her little eyes) and this has very quickly entered into the category of “Emma’s Favorite Things.”



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8 responses to “A New Favorite of Emma’s.

  1. Sarahbeth Yodidle

    awww! Its strange how little things like that provide so much stimulation for them! Im glad she is easily entertained in the car, it makes life just that much more pleasant and easy when you have a happy baby!

  2. Tammi Durso

    Well, I guess that’s true, that she would want to look out the window. She’s one of the most observant little girls I know! So glad for her, and Mommy & Daddy, that she has found this new favorite thing!

  3. vicki Smith

    I agree grandma Durso :) she is the most observant little girl and these pictures are so precious of her looking at her mommy and daddy, the 2 most important people in her life!!

  4. Natalia

    So cute!! I miss little Emma! Can’t wait to see her!

  5. Andy Smith

    I love these posts! see you in two weeks niece!

  6. Emma's Aunt Emily

    Jacksy loved to looked at these pic’s of cousin Emma : )

  7. So glad you all loved it! Emma loves to show you all her favorite things, little social girlie!!!!

  8. Sarahbeth Yodidle

    i love how your family posts responses to this- i had myself a good chuckle, its wonderful how your family interacts!

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