The Organizing Process Stage Two: Planning.

2) The Planning Stage – In this stage your end goal is to have a clear idea and picture of how you want your space to look and function.

The desk space in our home.

  • Divide the keep pile (the only pile you have left after completing the sorting stage), put like items together.This step will help you get the big picture for what areas and tools you will be needing in your space. Then you will be able tobetter plan the function of your room as a whole, making the most of your new space. Helpful Hint: Always have a trash bag handy, you will find yourself no longer feeling the need to keep everything you originally thought you needed when you went through the sorting stage, this is a good thing.
  • Think through and list what types of organizing tools you need. This step is fun because you get to play decorator a little bit. Here is where you can decide what types of baskets, bins, shelves, hooks, etc. you will be needing and using in your space. It is important to wait on purchasing these items until this point, otherwise you will end up with unnecessary items, saving you neither space or money, which is the end goal of your newly organized space! Make sure you have a very clear picture of what will be stored in this space, what the different designated areas of storage are and have a plan for how to most practically store your different items.

I added in the picture of the desk space I created in our little home to help with some ideas and inspiration for all of you as you go through the planning stage, hope its helpful (and because I know you all like pictures and you want proof that I actually follow through with my own tips, totally understood)! :) See….this stage is so much fun right?! Now tomorrow, everything comes back into the space and it all comes together!


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  1. ooooh i long for an actual desk/office space/area :)

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