A Favorite of Mine: Our Date Nights.

Most Monday afternoons I receive a call or text from my husband, while he’s at work, asking me out on a date. I love this. Never fails to make me smile and my heart do a giddy jump. And I always say yes!

My amazing date planner and I. :) (Emma still in the belly in this pic)

Eric and I have made it a priority in our marriage to have a date night once a week (an important principle passed onto us from my parents). I highly recommend this, it is fabulous, not enough can be said. Sometimes we go to Starbucks, sometimes desert at a restaurant (which for this chocoholic is always a winner), sometimes dinner, sometimes a movie, sometimes renting a movie and watching it at home (after Emma’s asleep), etc. Now I do have to say we are extremely blessed to live within an hour of each of our parents so babysitting is taken care of for us, this is a huge blessing. Anyhow, you get the idea, not always big huge deal dates but the fact that they are planned and its just us being together makes them a big fun deal to us each week!

So just a little reminder to all you married folks out there: date nights are so worth it. They do not have to be expensive. In fact, as most of you know we are in full-time ministry, my husband is a pastor (youth and music) and also recently began going to seminary full-time. Needless to say, we are not “rolling in the dough” but this in no way hinders our weekly outings together, just allows us to be more creative with our date planning. It’s just about getting out together and being intentional about spending time focused on each other one on one. Don’t ever get too busy for this just carve out some one on one time together each week. It is worth the time and money. I am seriously blessed to have a husband who continues to plan our weekly dates, thanks baby!

Helpful hint (not about organizing but helpful nonetheless): We are not financial geniuses…..we ask for giftcards at birthdays and Christmas and then stretch them as long as we can to make as many dates from them as possible, its great! Major help with the budget and date planning! :)

Durso Fun Fact: Back when we were dating in college we had each received a $25 giftcard to Starbucks. Those two giftcards lasted us the whole spring semester worth of weekly dates (about 6 months worth), nice huh? A lot of sharing of a tall (in Starbucks language tall is actually the smallest size) drink, but hey we had great times talking, laughing and drinking our little tall White Chocolate Mochas that semester. Have to say, we’re pretty proud of how long we made those gift cards last!


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