I make Eric laugh…..closet organizing anyone?

I was asked to write a guest blog on organizing for one of my friends recently. My wonderful hubby (who, by the way, is a much more profound and better writer than I am,  click here to read his blog, this particular one is one of my favorite posts of his from right after our little Emma was born) was proof reading for me before I sent it to my friend and he started laughing. I asked what was so funny and he pointed to a part in the blog where I said doing laundry becomes more enjoyable when everything has its place. Yes, I said more enjoyable, implying that laundry was already an enjoyable task to do and he laughed because he knows that, as strange as it sounds, for me that is very true. I really do get such joy from taking care of our home daily, this includes the laundry. Yep, I’m a little crazy.

Anyway….I would love to hopefully help you readers (assuming there are at least a few of you reading this, hah?) get to a point where you enjoy doing laundry too. To help get you there I’m thinking of possibly doing a whole series of posts on organizing your closet, because when your clothes all have their proper place, its so much easier (and fun I think!) to put away your clean clothes! Doing a series instead of one big post about it will break it down into simple steps (remember organizing principle #3), so as not to overwhelm and scare away all of you who have good intentions for your closets but never quite get to completing them! …you know who you are. ;)

So, feedback…would a series on closet organizing be helpful and useful to anyone out there who may possibly be reading this blog?

Also..as promised the post about the process of organizing rooms will be up later this week, I have not forgotten!



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12 responses to “I make Eric laugh…..closet organizing anyone?

  1. Cheryl Drummond

    I LOVE doing laundry! Taking the clothes right out of the dryer so there are no wrinkles, smelling the fresh scent, putting away perfectly folded piles just waiting to be worn… I’m with you, Ashley! Are we weird, or what???

  2. brigitte

    i’m sad that i do not share you immense joy in laundry. haha. for me it’s that horrible monday task that must get done. but i’d love to hear what you have about closet organization. i feel like ours is pretty stinking organized, but maybe you have some tips that will help me not despise laundry!

  3. Laura Ryan


    I came across your blog on facebook and have really enjoyed it! Making a home is a wonderful part of being married and I love reading the tips you post (and the Emma stories are very cute too :)). So I vote yes for closet organizing posts. :)

  4. Ashley, if you had my washer and dryer, you might hate laundry too! I have to run our dryer 2 times for every load just to get it dry. Welcome to France! But yes please for the closet organizing tips!!

  5. i look forward to the day when we have an in-house washer/dryer. :sigh:

  6. Sherry

    Ashley, I enjoy reading your tips and stories. I try to keep my kitchen table clean now and free of clutter.
    My question is, how can I keep the fridge free of all those magnets and pictures and coupons that I think are so important that they have to be on the fridge making it look so messy. Any ideas?
    Aunt Sherry

    • I have a something on our wall that is half cork board (to pin up pictures, invites, etc.) and then the other side has two file folders, one can keep coupons and the other is our landing pad for the mail. Or you can use one of those charging stations that are now sold at a ton of different places, they usually have a little drawer, currently that is where I keep our coupons. I will post pics of the board, charging station, and another memo board I am making for our kitchen soon so it can hopefully help you with some ideas! I’ll try to get the memo board finished this week and get all those pics into a post by next week sometime! :)

  7. Tammi Durso

    I hate, hate, hate laundry. But then if you saw my closets and laundry room, you might understand. Ashley, you actually do understand, because you’ve cleaned out most of my closets for me, and more than once! I need help again!!! Can’t wait for the next posts!

  8. Leia

    Ashley I am totally on board with closet organizing in steps! I actually have labels in my closet for where everything goes on the shelf that lines the top of the wall (same for my linen closet with labels!) I think it is fun that way & easier to keep track of! I just need to update it!

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