Teething Day.

The teether. :)Today no tips, tricks or funny stories! I am very focused on our little baby girl and the serious teething she is doing right now. Not so fun for her (or mommy and daddy). Though we do get some cute giggles and smiles in between the cries from the pain of the teething! :( The current guarantee laugh we can get from her comes while we play “Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland and dance with her, oh the simple simple joys, so priceless!!!! ….of course Baby Tylenol also brings some calm and smiles to her face for the time being hahaha!

Have a fabulous weekend, I’ll be back with some tips next week, but my baby girl needs my full attention currently and she’s got it! ….I mean COME ON look at that precious face!!! :)


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One response to “Teething Day.

  1. Emma's Aunt Emily

    she is a precious little teething monster, you are right : ) And…I like your new blue background!

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