A Solution for that Kitchen Table Clutter.

The landing pad in our home.

Last week I wrote about a very simple organizing tip to help some of you start getting things more organized in your home. That tip, have your kitchen table cleared off completely every night before you go to bed. This tip caused quite a bit of conversation and many of you mentioned that your kitchen table quickly fills with the clutter of keys, cellphones, wallets, mail, bills, etc. daily. So, as promised here is a helpful solution to getting your table back to its original intent…family dinners.

I am happy to introduce….the landing pad. The landing pad: a simple bowl, basket, or decorative bin placed on an end table, console table, bench or shelf near your front door. That basket can then be the “landing pad” (hence the fabulous name) for your keys, wallet, and the other clutter that currently ends up on your kitchen table. I suggest having a separate (and small, so you are forced to sort through it daily) basket in the landing pad area for your mail also. I’ve included a picture of the landing pad in our home, to give you some ideas for creating one in your own home.

I would write more but everyone has different styles, needs, space plans and resources for creating their landing pads so I’m keeping the basics of the idea simple. However, if you do have questions or need more ideas for your own landing pad let me know, I’m happy to help!



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2 responses to “A Solution for that Kitchen Table Clutter.

  1. Sarahbeth Yodidle

    I have one of these! I cant believe I already completed a step before you wrote about it- my mind must be in snyc with yours! :)

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