Grocery Shopping….with a baby.

I have always been a fan of grocery shopping, ever since I was a baby, I always loved going with my mom and still today I love it. But let me tell you those three words at the end of this title….”with a baby” change the entire grocery shopping experience. A small picture of what it is now like to go grocery shopping:

Emma shopping with mommy!

Emma wakes up from her morning nap. Okay I now have about two hours before she will really start getting tired again. Get Emma changed, fed and now changed again. Get the grocery list, coupons, extra diaper, wipes, blanket, binky just in case. Okay time to go….oops forgot my phone and keys. Okay now good to go…oops diaper explosion in the carseat. Change Emma once again (complete outfit change too). Okay 30 minutes later good to go, out the door (In my head remembering I am now down to only 45 minutes of happy time before tiredness kicks in for Baby Emma). Park the car (trying to be somewhat close to a cart place so coming out and putting the cart away while holding Emma after unloading the groceries into the car will be a little easier). Got a cart. Put Emma in the cart, such a big girl now, she loves looking around at everything in the store, very fascinating to her, that is great, happy baby, time to shop. Get the grocery list and coupons out. Oops “no Emma don’t chew on the grocery list”, uh-oh she’s a little upset about that, okay back to her fascination with looking at everyone in the store (as well as everyone else’s fascination looking back at her as she smiles at them :)), good. Back to shopping. Been about 30 minutes, almost done…Emma is starting to get antsy. Okay now holding Emma, pushing the cart one handed, gotta just get a couple jars of baby food and we’re outta here. Got ’em, now up to the register. Get everything all checked out, Emma happy in the cart while the lady behind me in line very sweetly entertains her with a peek-a-boo game. Get to the car. Unload the groceries. Put the cart away. Put Emma in her carseat, she is now tired and not happy about being in the carseat. Drive home, she falls asleep. Then we have to park and get the groceries out, she wakes up, not happy about still being in the carseat. Load the groceries in the “snap ‘n go.” Get up to the apartment. Feed Emma immediately. Emma falls asleep. Put her in her crib. Come back out and put the groceries away in the fridge, freezer, and pantry. Realize, oops I got the wrong coffee creamer, OH WELL! Overall, mission accomplished, groceries done. :)

Even though it is now much more of a production and process to go grocery shopping, it is that much more fun because I now always have a little friend to go grocery shopping with me! :) I really do absolutely love it. Such a joy, this baby girl of ours!



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5 responses to “Grocery Shopping….with a baby.

  1. Stacy Zamroz

    Such a cute little story and such an adorable little girl:) I loooove grocery shopping too, i could spend hours in a grocery store!

  2. Sarahbeth Yodidle

    oh this one was so much fun to read! I giggled frequently- its like being a mom is having a constant case of ADHD! You dont seem to have time or the option to focus on one single thing for more than a second! lol

    • Glad you got some good giggles! :) You do get extremely good at multitasking when you’re a mom, I thought I multitasked before….I had no idea how much one can really multitask till mommyhood! Love it!

  3. Tammi Durso

    You are adorable! Fun story and spot-on characterization of the challenges of doing everything with a little one along. You have a great attitude and I’m so glad Emma gets to learn by watching Mommy handle things so gracefully. Keep up the good work!

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