Organizing Principle #2.

Happy Saturday everyone! :) And now for organizing principle #2, this principle enables principle #1 to happen more and more often as you slowly but surely conquer this second principle, I know now you’re all excited and anxious to hear it right!?!?! Ok here it is:

One of our "designated places" for things in our home.

Organizing Principle #2: “Designate a place for everythingin your home. For some further inspiration I included a picture of one of the ways I have made a place for everything (no matter how small or insignificant the item may seem) in our small space: the top section is for remotes, middle section for my husbands Bible, ipod, and moleskin (all of which he uses early each morning for his devotion time), and the third section became our magazine holder (as you can see I’m a fan of “Better Homes and Gardens”). Sounds so simple on paper (or on a web page I guess, hah!) and in pictures, I know so I’m warning you….stop thinking about this principle to in depth or you will get overwhelmed! This principle will be better achieved once Organizing tip #3 is applied, see how they all work together so beautifully! :)

In the meantime…..homework for today (since it is Saturday): just glance around your home and note how many tings do not have an actual designated space in your home…shocking isn’t it!? Now take some time to write down some of those poor floating items in your home (examples: mail, keys, wallet, phone, purse, clothes, baby blankets, kitchen towels, sheets…yes the list could get very long) on a simple list (helpful hint: you can keep it limited to the top ten items you would like to get in a proper place first, this could make it more of an attainable goal for now). Then think of items you have already in your home (bowls, vases, baskets, etc.) that you could use to provide a designated space for these ten items (maybe keys, phone, wallet can all be combined into the same designated place). The important thing is not that each item has its own place but simply the fact that every item does indeed have a place that it belongs so when it comes time to “do it now” you can more easily follow through, knowing where to put that item you just picked up to put away, make sense? Hope this helps…the final principle is coming tomorrow to round out any confusion that may still be lurking. Keep at it people you are doing great!!!

**Quick important sidenote I wanted to point out, we all know there will be times when these organizing principles cannot be lived out practically and perfectly every single second of everyday. As we all know there are days like this (click here to read more about it) when unexpected mommy duties arise and other things are forced to be put on hold. I am not saying in any way that cleaning and organizing your home is to become priority over taking care of, playing with, and enjoying your kids, husband and family time as a whole. I am pointing out these principles though because once these are put into practice I do believe (and see proof of it in my own home now) that you will be shocked at how much more you are able to get done in your day (including taking time to rest in your day).

These principles are aimed at helping you get to a point where you can run things more effectively and efficiently in your home, giving you more time to thoroughly cherish and enjoy the family moments and memories being made in your home daily.

Organizing Principle #3 coming on Monday (taking Sunday off :))….



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2 responses to “Organizing Principle #2.

  1. Jennifer Dickson

    where did you get that wonderful shelfy organizer thing? i need one.

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