Organizing Principle #1.

Ok! Sounds like a lot of you are planning on tackling the first organizing tip I posted on Wednesday, that is so fabulous!!! Glad it was helpful and I really do hope you stick to it! As you work on sticking to it I thought I should back up real quick and talk through, what I believe are the Top 3 Organizing Tips, which will then apply to all future organizing tips. Here is the first, its a good one so listen up everyone…..this is very important:

Organizing Principle #1: “Do It Now” when it comes to putting things away in your home. Now know that as your house gets more and more organized this motto will become easier and easier to do.  Once everything in your home has its designated place it will be easier to put things away right away instead of putting it off again and again. But do not put this one off it is an important habit to form now if you want to follow through with the organization of your home.

Quick Disclaimer: Super sorry if from this point on this tip becomes an annoyance in the back of your mind as you go about your day….but in the long run you’ll be happy when you do it now, so I’m really not to sorry. :) In fact, I just had this principle annoying me as I didn’t feel like putting in a long-overdue load of cloth diapers just yesterday morning…but I followed through and in the end, it was so wonderful to have that done!

Oh and just for fun I thought I’d throw out a few examples of things we like to not “do now” but should: make the bed even though you know its just going to have to be made again tomorrow, clean the dishes now even though you’ll be doing another sink load in about two hours, put your clothes away now before you go to bed it’ll make it much nicer in the morning not having those clothes lying on the floor. In case any of you were wondering if you already go by this “do it now” motto or not.

One last thing….next week I am planning on posting some points for making a place to put all that clutter you all were saying ends up landing on your kitchen table! It seemed to be a popular problem for lots of you…its time to do something about that! We don’t want all that clutter you are taking off your kitchen table now (right??) just ending up on the floor or some random place in your home (caught you red-handed people!)! Help is soon on its way!

Organizing Principle #2 coming tomorrow…….



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10 responses to “Organizing Principle #1.

  1. Lorena

    I’m so glad you decided to put these up! You know as well as I do that I’ve never been very organized lol But I am prepared to make changes!

  2. Jessica Baker

    I am so guilty of not doing this, especially with laundry and canned groceries. I need to get better and doing those things right away. Thanks for reminding me that I need to not turn my brain completely off when I get home.

  3. Tammi Durso

    Can’t wait to hear the solution to the kitchen pile. You’ve seen mine. I need help!

  4. Okay, I am sitting here staring at our uncleared off table and reading the ‘do it now’ post after a very long day that came after a long night. But I will do it. Tonight, for you Ashley. Can’t guarantee how it will last, but tomorrow the table will be clean!!

    • Good job Talia!!!! You’ll be so happy in the morning! …sorry i knew this principle would be an annoying one at times but its not my fault really its just a great principle….so glad its helping already! :)

  5. Jennifer Dickson

    I hate this principle! ha ha (as i have laundry & dishes to put away and my kitchen table is COVERED!) lol. I tell ya, I’m gonna be a challenge for you Ashley! :)

  6. Stacy Zamroz

    Totally agree with you ash! Doing it right away is such a rewarding feeling when you can wake up in the morning and know that dishes aren’t overwhelming the sink!:) Can’t wait to hear the second one!!

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