Why “Simple Joys of Home”?

I LOVE my everyday job. Taking care of my husband, our baby girl and keeping our home in order, making it a restful place for our family to enjoy together each day. So…

“Simple” because I like keeping things simple. I do openly admit that I am a tad bit obsessed with organizing! With that obsession comes the natural instinct to keep things simple. You have to know what you have and where it goes when you want to stay organized, so if you have to many things, it gets to complicated and the chaos and clutter quickly overwhelm your home. That is why I like to keep things simple. I get questions from people about getting things organized in their own home SO…through this blog I hope to share some great practical tips for organizing so you can start enjoying your home too. That why I chose to include “simple” in my blog title.

“Joys” because I get such joy out of taking care of our home and fulfilling my role as Eric’s wife and Emma’s mom. I also love the word “joy” because it so properly sums up what I have in Christ and why I can and do enjoy my role at home. He gives purpose and meaning to all I do and that is my reason for finding joy in every single task I do. I hope this joy will spill out onto this blog and encourage you as you read it.  All that to say, “joy” was a necessary word to include in my blog title.

“Home” because well by now you can clearly see that I love our little home. Our little family of three that lives in our home, the organization that I get to bring to our home, the joy that Christ gives our home, the memories made in our home and yes even the laundry, dishes, vacuuming and dusting I get to do in our home. So, I can’t wait to give you little insights into our day to day life in our home through funny stories and pictures. Need I say more about why “home” is also included in my blog title?

Anyway….I know its not necessary to explain why you title your blog what you do. But I just love all three things so much that I thought maybe you’d enjoy getting to know me more through these three words for now. Can’t wait to start sharing some serious tips and tricks for organizing on this blog and some fun stories from our little family of three! ..Don’t worry I’ll keep it simple! :)



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11 responses to “Why “Simple Joys of Home”?

  1. Jena

    Ash! I’m so excited you’re doing this and I absolutely love your title and your first entry. Your three words describe you and your life so well! Thanks for sharing with all of us. I will definitely be checking back to get some organization tips from my most organized friend ever!

  2. Um, can you do some of those simple joys in my home?? Like seriously, I am sitting here reading this thinking ‘oh ya, I remember she told me to through things out if you don’t need it, simplify!’ That might be a problem for me! I will be a subscriber! And there MUST be mroe pictures of Emma!

  3. Barb

    Love the idea and look at it as a way to stay connected! Bring it on, Ashley! Can’t wait to hear your tips.

  4. Tammi Durso

    Good job on your first post!!! I can’t wait to hear your tips and tricks! And lots of photos of Emma will always be appropriate!

  5. Ginni

    I love your title Ashley and your explanation for it. I can’t wait to see your tips. I think it’s great that you’re sharing your advice and your joy in this way. Looking forward to future blogs. :-)

  6. Stacy Zamroz

    Yay I love it:)

  7. Jennifer Dickson

    Awesome Ashley! I’m anxiously awaiting the organizing tips! :) and very excited to keep up on your three!

  8. Emma's Aunt Emily

    oh so great Ashie! And you are joyful you know! Very good choice on the title, and this fabric-ey background is really cute and looks like you too!

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